About Us

Todak Academy is the latest edition in the Todak ecosystem. Established in 2020, Todak Academy has made its base in the heart of Cyberjaya, which is fully equipped with high end facilities. Aiming to become the best in soft-skilleducation, Todak Academy promises to provide the best learning and teaching experience to our students and tutors. From gaming to dancing, we will be providing the chance for our students to have the experience of gaining knowledge from the best tutors in each field.


The best of the best is for sure promised by us. Todak academy is aiming to strive in carrying the soft-skills educational side of things so that our “graduates” will have the capability to shine in even the most competitive industries. As part of the Todak brand, our organisation is incomplete if we are not applying the “Langgar” philosophy; the principle where we will overcome any obstacles in front of us to achieve our goals. Therefore, Todak Academy is looking forward to “Langgar” all the things in front of us to achieve all the great things that the world has to offer.